Hiformer wants to make the process of getting an offer for your home easy and clear.

Currently, we only purchase homes that are located within a mobile home park.

1. You request an offer to sell your home.

We connect you with a dedicated point of contact to walk and talk you through the process.

2. We gather details about your home.

We will get the most current information about the title and registration of your home. In most cases we will have one of our home care reviewers come out to your home to take photos and review the property. If there are repairs needed, we will either ask if you will be fixing them or if the home is being sold in “As Is” condition.

3. You receive a cash offer for your home.

If you decide to say yes, you can get paid in days, not weeks! Hiformer is a licensed HCD dealer and our offers to purchase do not require the escrow process.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Selling Your Mobile / Manufactured Home

Do you buy homes in any condition?
We will review and consider mobile / manufactured homes in any condition.

Will you buy homes that were made before 1979?
Absolutely. We even buy some homes from the 60's.

Do you buy homes in 55+ communities?
Yes. We buy homes in all-age as well as 55+ communities.

Do you buy homes that are on land?
Not at this time. We only purchase mobile / manufactured homes in mobile home parks.

Can I use the money I receive from selling my home, to purchase another home through Hiformer?
Yes. We have a trade-in program.

A family member passed and I inherited the home, but do not want to deal with lot rent and other expenses, can we sign the home over to Hiformer?
Yes. Please contact us to discuss how to proceed.

Do I have to remove all the furniture and appliances before I move out?
That is up to you. We will take care of the removal of whatever is left inside the home if that is included in our purchase offer.

Do You Have More Questions About Selling Your Home To Hiformer?

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