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Frequently Asked Questions About Financing

Do you take bad credit?
We are of the belief that everyone has valuable reasons why their credit may have been negatively impacted. We want to understand what happened in your past to help you into your future home.

Is there a specific credit score you look for?
We prefer to see your full credit history, to understand why your credit was affected.

What if I have little to no credit?
We enjoy helping first-time buyers into their homes. Contact us to see what options we can provide.

What are your rates and terms?
We can be flexible with our terms, from 12 months to 30 years. We offer financing at fixed flat interest rate of 9.89%.

Do you have balloon payments?
No. We do not like them.

Do you offer lease to own?
Not currently.

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All of our financing is pursuant to the laws from the California Department of Business Oversight. Our Mortgage Loan Originator will finalize all documents to be in accordance with Dodd-Frank, Truth In Lending, Usury Laws and the Safe Act.