We enjoy working with owners and managers to build long-term relationships.

Whether you have one home, multiple homes, or multiple parks, we can help.

If you're an owner who is rebuilding a park and looking to fill empty spaces, we would be intersted in learning more.

We believe we can be a good partner, with our clear communication and customer service.

We're available for park owners or managers to contact us, every day from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. PST, via any of the methods below:

Call or Text us at 951.382.0036

Email us here.

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Frequently Asked Questions For Parks Working With Hiformer

Do you bring in new homes on empty spaces?
Yes. We would review your park and market to determine what kind of options we can provide.

Can parks sign over homes that need rehab?
You can. We would schedule a visit to the home to evaluate how we can help upgrade it, and get your next community members moved in.

What if the home is in really bad condition?
We have seen some homes in really bad shape. But we have also learned that there is usually still some value there. We'd love to take a look at your photos and then schedule a visit to see how we can help.

Does Hiformer take homes out of parks?
We try not to, unless the park owner or manager wants that. We understand that parks need to have as many of their spaces filled, and we want to help park owners and managers achieve that goal.

We have multiple parks located across California, does Hiformer provide service for these?
Let's chat. We can create a solution to work with you, prior to our expansion into some areas.

Do you work with management companies who have a portfolio of parks?
Yes. Please contact us to open a dialogue.

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